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Claim Help Team, a leading personal injury solicitor, focuses on brain injury cases. Our mission is to help people regain their freedom while also preparing them for the future. We use perseverance and determination to acquire funds for rehabilitation from insurers and other agencies as quickly as possible, including by assembling the right team of experts in accident reconstruction, neurosurgery, rehabilitation, and case management.

What is Brain Injury?

What is Barin Injury?

Any injury that is related to your brain is considered as brain injury. Nobody knows when a brain injury will occur, and the effects can be life-altering and financially disastrous, especially if the accident was not your fault. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people in the UK suffer from acquired brain injury due to an accident or assault, with far-reaching consequences for the injured, their family, and close friends.

Amount of Compensation

How Much Is A Brain Injury Claim Worth?

A severe brain injury may be life-changing for the wounded individual and their family. In many situations, there may be long-term financial consequences, with the cost of continuous medical care exacerbated by income loss.

While the actual amount of compensation for a head injury claim will depend on the severity of the damage and its consequences, the following are some of the things you may be reimbursed for:

1) Compensation For Medical Expenses
2) Cost Of Private Medical Treatment
3) Loss Of Income Because Of The Brain Injury
4) Care At Home
5) Cost Of Special Adaptations
6) Travel Expenses
7) General Damages

When Can You Claim Compensation For A Brain Injury?

You might not be able to pursue a claim for compensation if the accident that caused your Brain injury was entirely your fault. Your head injury must have been caused by the act or omission of a third party to be compensated. You could be entitled to remuneration in case you were partially at fault for the accident.

What are the time limits?

Here are few scenarios in which you might be able to claim reimbursement for a brain injury:

• Road Traffic Accident: This applies whether you were driving a car, taking public transportation, riding a motorcycle, or were hit while walking.
• Accident at Workplace: This might be due to poor preventive measures, insufficient personal protective equipment, a lack of on-site medical services, or insufficient worker training.
• Slip, Fall or Trip: This applies if you slip, trip, or fall as a result of a liquid spill in a supermarket, unstable flooring in a department store, or damaged sidewalk paving slabs.

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Average Brain Injury Compensation Payments

• Compensation for a minor head or brain injury £2,070 – £11,980.
• Less severe brain injuries £14,380 – £40,410.
• Moderate brain injuries £40,410 – £205,580.
• Compensation for moderately severe brain damage £205,580 – £264,650.
• Very severe brain injury £264,650 – £379,100.

Because no two head injury claims are alike, compensation settlements may vary depending on a range of factors unique to the person involved. The most important component of any head injury claim is ensuring that the claimant receives the compensation to which they are entitled, which demands taking into account all factors when calculating compensation, which is why you should engage a head injury solicitor.

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How to File a Claim for a Brain Injury?

If in any event, you or your loved one has endured serious brain injury in an accident, you may nearly certainly go to battle for the rest of your life to recuperate. Because compensation may be your only way of paying for the treatment you or a loved one needs, it's critical to file a claim as soon as possible if you believe you have a claim for compensation as a result of someone else's negligence. Even a little traumatic brain injury can have a major impact on your life and result in substantial financial recompense. And unfortunately, if you face such circumstances, call or contact us online for expert consultation about your claim.

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No Win No Fee

Brain Injury Claims: No Win No Fee

Legal fees for supporting a complex lawsuit can be extremely challenging to afford, particularly if you are already struggling financially as an effect of your brain injury. That is why we have a policy of NO WIN, NO FEE. These claims, sometimes referred to as conditional fee agreements, ensure that your financial security will not be jeopardized as a result of your claim. You will only be paid for our services if your compensation claim is successful in court, under a NO WIN NO FEE arrangement.

Compensation Calculator

Part Of Body

How Severe?


£82,040 - £255,930

This range of compensation covers the amputation of both complete arms, the amputation of a single arm, or whether an arm is amputated partially or completely. Future restrictions will also be considered. (This figure doesn't take into account special damages).

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All accident claims that lie under the scope of the road are handled by our Claim Help Work Team. Especially incidents that involve cars, buses, motorbikes, or bicycles. For all such related claims, the Motor Team is your right choice.

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Whether you suffered at a hospital, a private clinic or because of online consultation. You are entitled to make a claim. To find out whom against you should make the claim and how much work would be your claim, our Medical Team will answer all your questions.

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Our Claim Help Work Team can guide you step by step on how to get compensated for the losses you suffered because of the negligence of your employer. Any accident that occurred at your workplace lies under the expertise of our Work Team.

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Sometimes people suffer such injuries that affect them for life. Our Claim Help Injury Team acknowledge that fact and treat their clients with personal care and intention. They will listen to you and will help you make your situation sound.

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